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I'm a Senior at Ball State University studying Instrumental Music Education, with a primary on trumpet. My musical passions primarily lie in worship, jazz, folk, and chamber music. You can also view my online teaching portfolio by clicking the world icon below.

This blog will serve as a place to express my thoughts and share my love of music throughout my endeavors as a musician. Mostly, you'll just see pictures of instruments, but I like to post education related things as well. My OC will typically be tagged with #personal. Enjoy!
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"I’m studying music therapy. I just finished observing a music program for children with disabilities, and I’m taking notes."
"So what’s something you observed?"
"Many of the children had some form of autism. And it seemed that playing music together gave them the satisfaction of contributing to a group and forming relationships, without the pressure of having to speak or maintain eye contact."

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Imagine that when you see a city’s skyline, you taste blackberries.

 Perhaps you are completely convinced that Wednesdays are light red. If you have experiences like these, you might have synesthesia.

Synesthesia means joined perception. 

It’s when your brain perceives one sense such as hearing at the same time with another sense like sight. 

The most common form is confusing letters and objects with colors. Someone might associate a plane with a green color. 

Scientists believe that it happens when there’s cross-wiring in the brain, when neurons in one sensory over cross over to another.


here are interesting cases people have submitted to me! 

fun fact: i have major grapheme-colour synesthesia, mostly with numbers

like 1(but not the word one for some reason) is grass-green (like a prairie green i guess it changes sometimes) 2 is bright yellow, nine and ten are dark greys, and 31 is forest green (i have others but those were the first ones that i recognised when i was little)

as you can imagine, precalc is a trip


I think I have it too

My numbers have personalities and genders god damn I’m weird

I was attending a masterclass at my university hosted by this guy and he asked all the students attending if anyone had or knew what synesthesia was. I was the only person out of at least 60 people that raised my hand. I was surprised when I heard of people who DIDN’T have it, and even more surprised that it had an official name.

My girlfriend has it with numbers, my studio professor has it with keys (in music), and I have it with distinct pitches and pitch registers (not so much keys, but to a small degree with numbers).

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The hardest part of practicing is opening the case.

My violin teacher, every lesson age 3 to 16, when she passed.

Still the best advice I’ve ever heard. Still how I get myself to do things.

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you think this is a joke but this is what contemporary music ensemble performances actually look like

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Bartok: 1st Quartet – Score

Imagine how difficult this would make score study….

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Caption this.

Modern horn players tend to lightweight, yellow brass horns that cost thousands of dollars.  Funny, I have the lightest, yellowest horn and it was only 75¢.  


Youtube doesn’t believe in flutes

Shhh… Don’t tell the flute studio!


Youtube doesn’t believe in flutes

Shhh… Don’t tell the flute studio!

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