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This is a music/education themed blog ran by The Man Octave (

I'm a Senior at Ball State University studying Instrumental/General Music Education, with a primary on trumpet. My musical passions primarily lie in worship, jazz, folk, and chamber music. You can also view my online teaching portfolio by clicking the world icon below.

This blog will serve as a place to express my thoughts and share my love of music throughout my endeavors as a musician. Mostly, you'll just see pictures of instruments, but I like to post education related and personal things about music/education as well. My OC will typically be tagged with #personal. Enjoy!
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The Fifth-Grade Sound

"That hurts my soul."

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Found a quartet to play next year

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Music Major=The constant struggle between practicing and crying.

Practice while crying. 

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Well I like the second one

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So I saw instrument shaming is now a thing…

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