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I'm a Senior at Ball State University studying Instrumental/General Music Education, with a primary on trumpet. My musical passions primarily lie in worship, jazz, folk, and chamber music. You can also view my online teaching portfolio by clicking the world icon below.

This blog will serve as a place to express my thoughts and share my love of music throughout my endeavors as a musician. Mostly, you'll just see pictures of instruments, but I like to post education related and personal things about music/education as well. My OC will typically be tagged with #personal. Enjoy!
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Dee picks her instrument in today’s BAND!

I love this.

reminded me of you even though you don’t play tuba xD

I mean, I did almost try to march contra ;P

I know two girls who weren’t big n marched contra, and I know another chick, tall but skinny, who plays the euphonium, I believe. Low brass girls = hype swag.

This is important

I taught at a school last summer that had 12 kids in the sousa section for the marching band. There were only 4 boys. Those girls kicked butt, too.

Today, I was working an instrument petting zoo like this comic, and the most talented kid I had was trying out every instrument we had, and I told her she should pick up either trombone or euph (which I later found out, were what she wanted all along).

There was also a boy who came up in a jersey and baseball cap, and he was amazing on flute. His dad even encouraged him to pick it even though he was a trumpet player.

Let the kids play what they enjoy playing. They turn out to be better and happier musicians in the long run.

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Phantom Regiment “Harmonic Journey” (2003) Ending

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This is what we do for fun in orchestra. 
(Bonus points if you can figure out the piece) 


This is what we do for fun in orchestra. 

(Bonus points if you can figure out the piece) 

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