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I'm a Senior at Ball State University studying Instrumental/General Music Education, with a primary on trumpet. My musical passions primarily lie in worship, jazz, folk, and chamber music. You can also view my online teaching portfolio by clicking the world icon below.

This blog will serve as a place to express my thoughts and share my love of music throughout my endeavors as a musician. Mostly, you'll just see pictures of instruments, but I like to post education related and personal things about music/education as well. My OC will typically be tagged with #personal. Enjoy!
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Jim Riley (music educator and drummer with Rascal Flatts) gave a lesson hosted by Drumeo on how to create drum grooves that are musical, tasteful, and appropriate for any style of music. I’m not a drummer, but Jim Riley makes a lot of fantastic points about musicality and fitting into the texture of the music you’re performing. I especially recommend this video to performing musicians, songwriters, and music educators.

Don’t forget to download the pdf in the description to follow along with the lesson!



best. flashmob. ever.

I am legit in tears.


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Can we just talk about this move in Crown’s show?


Can we just talk about this move in Crown’s show?

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Ach, rests.

You don’t know from rests if





(or percussion, or sometimes low winds.)

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  • Guard: Breathing heavy and covered in sweat
  • Drumline: Breathing heavy and covered in sweat
  • Hornline: Breathing heavy and covered in sweat
  • Pit: Hi. Glad you liked the show.